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Esther’s story: ‘Do you remember the sky was so clear?’

Esther is a film maker and single parent in her late forties who lives in Bristol with her sons, Joe, 11 and Alex, who is 14 and autistic. She home-schools both of her children. ‘At the beginning of lock down I was really fucking bereft, I thought ‘shit, I cannot do this, I really cannot…

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Geoff’s story: ‘We ain’t seen nothing yet’.

Geoff works for the local council of a UK city; he is also a journalist and writer. We talked to him in August about volunteering during lock-down, how the pandemic is being handled, conspiracy theorists, the politics of the pandemic, and how the world is changing forever.  ‘I was thinking of talking about some volunteer…

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Von’s story: Lockdown; I didn’t think I’d miss it

Way back in March of 2020 the country became part of the global pandemic and finally (FINALLY) locked down. We didn’t think it possible as we carried on with our last dregs of social life, sweaty dance floors, filled auditoriums, noisy pubs and close proximity. It all seems like a dream now. As we all…

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