Emma’s Story

“I broke up with my partner but the pandemic has brought us back together”

Emma, 49, is a director of a charity and lives in Bristol with her young daughter, who is autistic. Just over two years ago she met George, 48, online. In Emma’s own words they had a “great relationship and did many wonderful things together”.

George lives an hour away from Bristol so they mostly saw each other at weekends, but as they approached the two year mark Emma started re-evaluating what she wanted from the relationship. ‘…it couldn’t progress as we lived apart, and he was the only one of us with any leeway for moving closer, which he refused to do… his Dad has dementia and he needs to be near to him.’

Emma decided to end the relationship in February. ‘For the first month it was great as I was no longer agonising about what to do with the situation. However, once Covid-19 hit I had a lot more time to think. I realised that despite the issues, he ticks a huge number of boxes for me, and the really important ones as well’. 

Emma told us that one of the biggest boxes George ticked was that he was so amazing with her daughter; he was happy to go to soft plays and special needs events and all that goes in hand with parenting a child with additional needs. Being in isolation made her realise she didn’t miss having a partner as such, but really missed him and all of the good things about their relationship.

‘I tentatively approached him with the idea of trying again. He agreed we have such a strong foundation that it’s very much worth doing that. The virus has made us both reappraise what is most important in life and we can see that despite being apart, we are a strong team together.’

Emma talks about the difficulties they face at the moment because of the lock-down, not being able to really sit and talk things through. ‘We are just texting…. generally keeping in touch until we can see each other again… the issues in the relationship need a long sit down conversation and it’s very difficult to have this by phone or text. But the decision is a firm one.’ 

Emma says she is happy, though nervous as the problems were real. But she feels that being apart has helped them to see the good things their relationship had.

‘We can’t wait to work things out and see how we can move forward from here.’

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