The Silent City: George’s view.

Video 30/4/20

George Wilkinson made this video, I think many of us feel the same. We’ve been let down and given bad advice, and too late. Beautiful but eerie visions of our usually bustling city with a jarring and brilliant soundscape. Here he tells us about his experience.

Bristol. My home and city. The place that changed my life in so many ways. To see it like this hurts. The panic, emptiness, fear… This was never what any of us expected. During times like this, we need strong leadership. Someone who will lead by example and give people the information they deserve. But I’m sad to say that hasn’t happened. We’ve been exposed to a mass of misinformation from the government and media alike, and many people have paid the ultimate price as a result. This film aims to highlight the inconsistencies in the information the public has been given, whilst seeing the real life impact of Covid-19 on our Bristolian streets. In this time of treachery, I wish everyone strength and fortune. We’re all in this together, and together we are all. Stay safe and stay at home, George Wilkinson.

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Champion of neurodiversity. Carer. Music obsessive. Freelance writer. Music and Arts editor.

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