Lockdown In A Foreign Land

Mario Mangata made this film with his partner about her experience of being in the UK during lockdown. From Spain originally, Mario has made Bristol his home.

‘Sometimes it is hard to live in a different country being an immigrant, and this Covid-19 situation is one of these for sure. So, to keep ourselves active and creative, my partner Sandra and I have made this video thinking a little bit about how it is to live all of this. We think that many people will identify…’

This footage will also be used as part of the collaborative documentary that Mario’s friend Jacobo is organizing, “Confinement Stories”.

Translation and subtitles by Víctor Jarmusch.

All shots were taken while maintaining social distancing regulations.

Visit www.mariomangata.com to see more of his work.

We want to hear all about your pandemic experience. Share it here.

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