Tracy’s Story – ‘Our keyworkers are being called heroes, but it sticks in my throat’.

‰© Tracy Vincent 2020‰© Tracy Vincent 2020

‰© Tracy Vincent 2020

‘I’ve been trying to process my mixed feelings of gratitude and horror, disgust, anger and frustration around how our NHS and other key workers have been treated, particularly Black/POC (people of colour) workers.

The list of NHS workers from around the Midlands who have died ranges from Consultants and Doctors, to a midwife, a young people’s mental health nurse, several nurses and care assistants; mostly Black people/POC. It’s horrific.

Our keyworkers are being called heroes, but it sticks in my throat. They are brave, that is not in doubt, and we are all grateful, that is true. They should not be risking their lives in the way they have been. We knew this was coming and yet we were unprepared. The phrase ‘sacrificial lamb’ springs to mind. I feel sick and grateful and terrified for them.

The Government are making a shambles of this mess and it is costing people their lives’.

Tracy Vincent, 50, is a neurodiverse collector of pallets and dumped furniture off the streets. She makes art, does craft, plays with wood and volunteers at her kids’ school. She lives in Birmingham.

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