Paul’s story: What We Did In The Pandemic.

Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 6.23.39 PM.pngScreenshot 2020-06-21 at 6.23.39 PM.png

Paul lives in London with his partner. He’s missing the club nights and shows he usually takes part in as a promoter and DJ. Here he shares his Facebook post from April and sums up the lock-down experience for many of us. 

What silver linings has your lockdown had? It’s been a challenging time but also a chance to take a different approach to life, maybe have some experiences you didn’t have before! Which of the following have you done?

  • Gone to bed unable to recall if you have had a shower today or not.

  • Been late for work despite your commute being 1 minute.

  • Jumped up like a puppy if anything comes through the door.

  • Eaten peanut butter from the jar.

  • Attended a meeting with no trousers on.

  • 10am – resolved to do something constructive later in the day, then at 5pm scoffed at your foolish younger self and their idealistic aims.

  • Told the telly to fuck off during an advert for a bank with loads of workers being perky in a fake Zoom meeting.

  • Upgraded your walk-to-the-shop look from tracksuit bottoms to shorts, just so you’re not ‘letting yourself go”.

  • Given yourself a pat on the back for brushing your teeth.

  • Finished Netflix.

  • Told a celebrity on the radio to shut up when they have been giving tips for lock-down living.

  • Hidden your video in a Zoom meeting so you can roll your eyes.

Share your experience here.

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