19 Stories is an archive project which needs you to tell your story about living through the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are unprecedented times and we believe everybody has a story to share, and everybody’s story is worth hearing. Many of us are experiencing things we never dreamt we would, coping with loss and change we never thought we would have to, and seeing our lives and society with fresh eyes and perspective.

19 Stories aims to be a digital archive made by everyone who wants their story recorded, who wants to make their experience heard and remembered; it is a home for our collective memories. Life has changed so quickly and may never be the same again; let’s create a space together to hold our memories and help shape our futures before we forget.

We want to hear whatever you have to say; stories of loss, love, joy, mundanity, loneliness, community, anger, endeavour, pain. You can submit a piece of writing, journal entry, a visual record, music, a video, artwork, whatever you want, as long as it is about you, your thoughts and your world. You can be anonymous, tell your story as yourself, or we can tell your story for you.

If you like what we are doing you can buy us a coffee.

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