Keir’s story: ‘Everyone wants to record a piece of history’

Keir Gravil lives in Bristol and is an amateur photographer. He tells us his story of how documenting the Black Lives Matter demo in Bristol on 7th June saved him from lock-down despondency, his thoughts about what happened that day, how it has impacted him, and creating an iconic image. ‘The last three months haveContinue reading “Keir’s story: ‘Everyone wants to record a piece of history’”

Kerry’s story: Black History Field Trip

On Sunday 7th June there was a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Bristol, where I live with my two children. Edward Colston’s statue, which has stood in the centre of Bristol for 125 years, was toppled by protesters, tied up with rope and dragged across the centre and dumped into the harbour; the harbour thatContinue reading “Kerry’s story: Black History Field Trip”