Kelly’s story: ‘Blessed, with a side order of guilt’

Photo by Erik McClean at Unsplash To fully understand I guess I need to tell a little of my back story.  I’m in my 40s, married with 2 wonderful children, but I’ve known hardship from a very young age. This has led to keeping my cupboards full as much as I can so my familyContinue reading “Kelly’s story: ‘Blessed, with a side order of guilt’”

A letter to the mental health team I haven’t seen in a month.

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal thoughts and mental ill health The author wishes to remain anonymous. Please note: This was written a month before being published and the author is safe now. I dropped off a spare microwave to a ‘vulnerable’ person last weekend, their flat was outside a school I attended during a difficult time inContinue reading “A letter to the mental health team I haven’t seen in a month.”

Emma’s Story

“I broke up with my partner but the pandemic has brought us back together” Emma, 49, is a director of a charity and lives in Bristol with her young daughter, who is autistic. Just over two years ago she met George, 48, online. In Emma’s own words they had a “great relationship and did manyContinue reading “Emma’s Story”