Esther’s story: ‘Do you remember the sky was so clear?’

Esther is a film maker and single parent in her late forties who lives in Bristol with her sons, Joe, 11 and Alex, who is 14 and autistic. She home-schools both of her children. ‘At the beginning of lock down I was really fucking bereft, I thought ‘shit, I cannot do this, I really cannotContinue reading “Esther’s story: ‘Do you remember the sky was so clear?’”

Jamie’s story: Day 32

Jamie Richardson is a psychiatrist, writer and blogger from Leeds, UK, where he lives with his partner Sarah. When lock-down began on the 23rd March, he decided to dedicate his blog Self-Indulgent Twaddle to a daily update of his life and work. While much of his job could be carried out remotely at home andContinue reading “Jamie’s story: Day 32”

Claire’s story – My son took an overdose in lock down

TRIGGER WARNING – SUICIDE ATTEMPT Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash So, week 2 of lockdown and everyone is still shellshocked, numb, confused and adjusting. How long will it last? Have my year 11 and my year 6 kids REALLY left their schools for the last time ever?  My 15 year old has been struggling with his mentalContinue reading “Claire’s story – My son took an overdose in lock down”

A letter to the mental health team I haven’t seen in a month.

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal thoughts and mental ill health The author wishes to remain anonymous. Please note: This was written a month before being published and the author is safe now. I dropped off a spare microwave to a ‘vulnerable’ person last weekend, their flat was outside a school I attended during a difficult time inContinue reading “A letter to the mental health team I haven’t seen in a month.”