Carrianne’s Story: ‘People say thanks for everything you do, but I did nothing’

Image by Carrianne and her husband are both nurses, She usually works part time doing bank shifts, he is a ward manager at a local hospital. They have two kids.  ‘This is the story of the nurse who didn’t work for six weeks during the biggest pandemic in one hundred years. I started workingContinue reading “Carrianne’s Story: ‘People say thanks for everything you do, but I did nothing’”

Jamie’s story: Day 32

Jamie Richardson is a psychiatrist, writer and blogger from Leeds, UK, where he lives with his partner Sarah. When lock-down began on the 23rd March, he decided to dedicate his blog Self-Indulgent Twaddle to a daily update of his life and work. While much of his job could be carried out remotely at home andContinue reading “Jamie’s story: Day 32”

Zoe’s story: ‘Where there is a will there’s a way’.

Zoe Sharam is a social worker and lives in Chudleigh, Devon with her two teenage sons. She supplemented her income by having lodgers until recently. She also has an adult son who lives close by with his partner. She has shared care of her children with her ex husband. Zoe used to be on theContinue reading “Zoe’s story: ‘Where there is a will there’s a way’.”

Tracy’s Story – ‘Our keyworkers are being called heroes, but it sticks in my throat’.

‰© Tracy Vincent 2020 ‘I’ve been trying to process my mixed feelings of gratitude and horror, disgust, anger and frustration around how our NHS and other key workers have been treated, particularly Black/POC (people of colour) workers. The list of NHS workers from around the Midlands who have died ranges from Consultants and Doctors, toContinue reading “Tracy’s Story – ‘Our keyworkers are being called heroes, but it sticks in my throat’.”

Claire’s story – My son took an overdose in lock down

TRIGGER WARNING – SUICIDE ATTEMPT Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash So, week 2 of lockdown and everyone is still shellshocked, numb, confused and adjusting. How long will it last? Have my year 11 and my year 6 kids REALLY left their schools for the last time ever?  My 15 year old has been struggling with his mentalContinue reading “Claire’s story – My son took an overdose in lock down”

Survivor’s Guilt; Key Worker With Covid.  

Judy is a triage nurse in a call centre in Bristol. She told us about her feelings of survivor guilt after contracting Covid 19, but also about the other complicated feelings arising during lockdown. She’s in training to become a funeral celebrant and is keenly aware of how utterly painful it is right now forContinue reading “Survivor’s Guilt; Key Worker With Covid.  “

The humans behind the numbers – Justine’s story

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash Dad died on 7th April. He had dementia – a younger person’s dementia – he was 72 when he died, he started showing symptoms of his dementia in 2006 when he was 58. He had been in the care home for a year before he died. He was fit and healthy inContinue reading “The humans behind the numbers – Justine’s story”

Dan’s Story

Dan used his recent cycling training and drive to stay positive and do something good in lockdown. Dan outside his home in Kingsdown, Bristol. Dan Cole, an electrician who lives in Kingsdown, Bristol, is cycling the equivalent of the length of the UK in just five days, around the block he lives on, to raiseContinue reading “Dan’s Story”

A letter to the mental health team I haven’t seen in a month.

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal thoughts and mental ill health The author wishes to remain anonymous. Please note: This was written a month before being published and the author is safe now. I dropped off a spare microwave to a ‘vulnerable’ person last weekend, their flat was outside a school I attended during a difficult time inContinue reading “A letter to the mental health team I haven’t seen in a month.”