Geoff’s story: ‘We ain’t seen nothing yet’.

Geoff works for the local council of a UK city; he is also a journalist and writer. We talked to him in August about volunteering during lock-down, how the pandemic is being handled, conspiracy theorists, the politics of the pandemic, and how the world is changing forever.  ‘I was thinking of talking about some volunteerContinue reading “Geoff’s story: ‘We ain’t seen nothing yet’.”

Carrianne’s Story: ‘People say thanks for everything you do, but I did nothing’

Image by Carrianne and her husband are both nurses, She usually works part time doing bank shifts, he is a ward manager at a local hospital. They have two kids.  ‘This is the story of the nurse who didn’t work for six weeks during the biggest pandemic in one hundred years. I started workingContinue reading “Carrianne’s Story: ‘People say thanks for everything you do, but I did nothing’”

Keir’s story: ‘Everyone wants to record a piece of history’

Keir Gravil lives in Bristol and is an amateur photographer. He tells us his story of how documenting the Black Lives Matter demo in Bristol on 7th June saved him from lock-down despondency, his thoughts about what happened that day, how it has impacted him, and creating an iconic image. ‘The last three months haveContinue reading “Keir’s story: ‘Everyone wants to record a piece of history’”

Kerry’s story: Black History Field Trip

On Sunday 7th June there was a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Bristol, where I live with my two children. Edward Colston’s statue, which has stood in the centre of Bristol for 125 years, was toppled by protesters, tied up with rope and dragged across the centre and dumped into the harbour; the harbour thatContinue reading “Kerry’s story: Black History Field Trip”

Molly’s story: A story of school, a lost finger, and crowded isolation.

Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash Molly is a senior member of staff at an inner city primary school, and the school’s SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator). She has been working full time throughout lock-down, whilst the school has been open to vulnerable children and the children of key workers.  She is a single parent, and lives withContinue reading “Molly’s story: A story of school, a lost finger, and crowded isolation.”

Tracy’s Story – ‘Our keyworkers are being called heroes, but it sticks in my throat’.

‰© Tracy Vincent 2020 ‘I’ve been trying to process my mixed feelings of gratitude and horror, disgust, anger and frustration around how our NHS and other key workers have been treated, particularly Black/POC (people of colour) workers. The list of NHS workers from around the Midlands who have died ranges from Consultants and Doctors, toContinue reading “Tracy’s Story – ‘Our keyworkers are being called heroes, but it sticks in my throat’.”

The Silent City: George’s view.

Video 30/4/20 George Wilkinson made this video, I think many of us feel the same. We’ve been let down and given bad advice, and too late. Beautiful but eerie visions of our usually bustling city with a jarring and brilliant soundscape. Here he tells us about his experience. Bristol. My home and city. The placeContinue reading “The Silent City: George’s view.”