Von’s story: Lockdown; I didn’t think I’d miss it

Way back in March of 2020 the country became part of the global pandemic and finally (FINALLY) locked down. We didn’t think it possible as we carried on with our last dregs of social life, sweaty dance floors, filled auditoriums, noisy pubs and close proximity. It all seems like a dream now. As we allContinue reading “Von’s story: Lockdown; I didn’t think I’d miss it”

Terah’s Story: Just stop already, America.

Covid-19 is revealing just how spoiled Americans are. (As if it wasn’t already evident by the climate crisis, and how resistant we are to stopping our maddening-level of consumption of disposable goods.) I have never seen longer lines at Dutch Bros (a local drive-through coffee shop) than on this weekend in July, when we areContinue reading “Terah’s Story: Just stop already, America.”